Welcome to the MISTA 2011 web site

This conference is the fifth in a series of conferences that serves as a forum for an international community of researchers, practitioners and vendors on all aspects of multi-disciplinary scheduling. The aim is to bring together scheduling researchers and practitioners from all the disciplines that engage with scheduling research.

The conference will be located at the Tempe Mission Palms. We have negotiated special rates at the hotel. These will be available soon on the accommodation page.

The conference is wide in scope, covering a whole range of disciplines (see below). There are also several special sessions.

We are very grateful to the following organisations who are sponsoring MISTA.

Disciplines Covered

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Mathematics
  • Operational Research

Scope of Conference

  • Agent Based Scheduling
  • Algorithmics
  • Applications
  • Automated Reasoning
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Commercial Packages
  • Complexity of Scheduling Problems
  • Constraint Logic Programming
  • Delivery Scheduling
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Heuristic Search
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Large Scale Scheduling
  • Local Search
  • Machine Scheduling
  • Meta-heuristic Search
  • Multi-processor Scheduling
  • Process Scheduling
  • Production Scheduling
  • Real World Scheduling
  • Real-Time Scheduling
  • Rostering
  • Rule-Based Expert Systems
  • Shop-Floor Scheduling
  • Sports Scheduling
  • Theoretical Scheduling
  • Timetabling
  • Transport Scheduling
  • Vehicle Routing
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